Our Services

Our Services

Our Specialities

Our Specialities

In our 30+ years of business we have built great relationships with all home improvement material manufacturers.  We deal directly with manufacturers and do not purchase our materials from retail stores.  We are one of the few companies that offer manufacturer backed warranties.


We take care of roofing services like roof replacement, new roof installation, metal roofing, and other roof repairs.

Exterior Paint, Stucco and Coatings

In the interest of longevity, it’s vital that all your painting, stucco, coating, wood eaves, fascia, siding and stucco repair needs are handled by trained professionals.  This is a major reason you should contact us.

Windows and Doors

Home 2 Renovate helps give your home a new touch with our window and door installations. We install all types of windows and doors and can produce custom shapes.

Patio Covers

If you are not able to figure out how your patio cover can enhance the look of your space, then don't hesitate to give us a call.  We will offer you all the advice and options we have, to help you decide.

Whole House Insulation

Proper whole house insulation in your home provides resistance to hot and cold air flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs. Home 2 Renovate does attic, wall and floor insulation.  Insulating your home well helps reduce heating and cooling costs while instantly improving comfort.


Home 2 Renovate can add or repair existing gutters to give you foundation, roof, fascia and eaves protection all year around.

Whole House Fan

Want to cool off your entire home and improving it's ventilation at the same cost of approximately having two light bulbs on?  Then a whole house fan is the way to go.  Call us for more info. 

Call today and schedule a free quote valid for an entire year with our product specialist.